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Business planning Monitoring in implementation of business plan


Business planning Monitoring in implementation of business plan

Social Farming Business plan



A business plan is a formal statement of business goals, reasons they are attainable, and plans for reaching them. It may also contain background information about the organization or team attempting to reach those goals. Written business plans are often required to obtain a bank loan or other financing. Business plans are decision-making tools. The content and format of the business plan is determined by the goals and audience. Business plans are made for 1 year (short period), 3 years (medium period) or 5 years (long period)

 Contents in bullet points
1. Module Name: Business planning 1.1 Unit Name: Planning of operations in business 1.1.1 Purpose for making Business plans and Budgets 1.1.2 What the business plan include 1.1.3 Period covered with business plan 1.2 Unit Name: Budgeting 1.2.1 Financial plan as a part of Business plan 1.2.2 Budget 1.2.3 Technique of making Budget 1.2.4 Cash flow 1.3 Unit Name: Monitoring in implementation of Business plans 1.3.1 Implementation of Business plan 1.3.2 Mistakes in business plans 1.3.3 Corrections in business plans 1.4 Unit Name: Business Management Essentials 1.4.1 Business Management techniques 1.4.2 Business Management Essentials 1.4.3 How to write successful business plan


 Business Planning Monitoring in implementation of business plan

Business Planning Monitoring in implementation of business plan


In this unit, we will have a look at implementation of the business plan in  management with social farms and the process of their monitoring and correcting

  Implementation of Business plan

The business plans should be accepted from the managers as a tool for a better dealing with situations connected with distribution of the funds, implementation of new products, procurement of new equipment, engaging of employees, managing of the costs and many other things connected with successful working of the company.

Making business plan by the management of the company is very important. Plans are made for leading all processes in the company and to bring corrective note if some of the processes are stopped

Continuous monitoring of the work and comparing it with what is written in the business plan is the best way to stay on the stage of success.

Comparing of these two things should be implemented at the end of the every month or some other period which have measurable results.

When managers make business plan it should be made very realistic and according with realistic prediction of development of the business.

  Mistakes in business plans

Making mistakes in a period of making plans will cause problems in a period of implementation and monitoring.

Some of the mistakes can be dragged on, during the preparation of business plan. Because of that, managers occasionally should make corrections on the plans.

In some cases business can be developed slowly or faster than the plan. This can be caused by the big tremors and changes of the market. In these cases corrections on the business plans are inevitable.

  Corrections in business plans

Corrections in the business plan should be small and with correlation with new situation on the market.

If the achieved results are much different than data in the plan, then business plan is incorrect and in his making have big mistakes or wrong information. In that case is better to make new business plan, more realistic and compatible with situation in company and external conditions.


• Know the purpose for making business plans • Know what business plan is and what includes • Know for which period business plans are made • Make basic budgets and business plans • Know how to read budgets and how to use them • Know how to make budget and cash flow • Implement business plan in Social Farm • To recognized mistakes in the business plan • To make corrections in the business plan • Know how to have better results and constant progress • To have better managerial skills


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